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Founded in 1970 as the Palace of PIONEERS (at that time the state centers for non-formal education) in Soviet times, the organization was later incorporated into the Regional center for children and youth.

The center is an organization that brings together units working with children and youth in the Yaroslavl region, helping children and families to consider how best to balance the development of children through the experience of non-formal learning outside the classroom.

One of the objectives is to strengthen strategic partnerships between research and training services and practical courses that are held daily with children and young people, providing different ways of doing so.

Children and young people realize and realize their potential through participation in regional, national and / or international competitions, festivals, forums and conferences. There are six children's associations that have received the title of "Exemplary children's team".

Employees and students are pleased to become an integral part of the cooperation of joint programs with more than 570 organizations and agencies in the Yaroslavl region, Russia, CIS and foreign institutions.

In 2011, the Regional center for children and youth was awarded the "Best for children"quality mark. The center continues to work hard for its development: it won the prize "100 best enterprises and organizations of Russia 2014", the Center also became the "best informal organization of education for children" winner of the Russian Federation in 2015.

The center manages 340 educational groups, which deal with more than 4.500 children each year in six areas of activity, 92 additional educational programs are implemented.

The centre offers a number of practical, effective courses on the development and promotion of additional learning opportunities for all.




Technical Creativity Division provides

  • Computer course;
  • Computer Programming;
  • Film Production and TV;
  • Road Safety Awareness group;
  • Robotic and Engineering course;
  • Games workshop;
  • English club.

 Artistic and Aesthetic Division offers

  • Theatrical studio;
  • Choreography Dancing studio;
  • Art & Craft workshop;
  • Paint shop;
  • Dress Making and Sewing class;
  • Modern Dance course;
  • Fine Art studio;
  • Historical Reenactment club;
  • Creative Project studio;
  • Young Guide union.




 Environmental Education Division promotes
  • Project and research activity;
  • Environmental Activity & Ecological Enlightment;
  • Landscape Gardening proficiency class. 

 Sports Club "Arenal" supposes

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics;
  • Judo;
  • Wushu;
  • Karate;
  •  Orthotherapy.

 Choir Music Studio "Allegro" proposes 

  • Choir studio;
  • Solfeggio course;
  • Music Literature class;
  • Academic Vocal group;
  • Guitar club;
  • Accordion club.

Pop & Jazz Studio "A&B" suggests

  • Brass and Jazz Band;
  • Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble;
  • Guitar coaching;
  • Percussion Instrument coaching;
  • Brass Instrument coaching.




          Pre-school Education and Development
          Studio has groups that

  • Sensory Development games; 
  • Language Development activity;

  • Elementary Mathematical Basis; 
  • Motor and Coordination Development classes; 

  • Music Development course;

  • English Language teaching.



Methodological Services Division



Counceling Services and Psychological Aid








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